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15 апреля 2021-го Живому Журналу исполняется 22 года! Живой Журнал празднует день рождения и дарит вам карточку с ярким событием, которое случилось в год, когда вы завели свой блог!

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Janet Boob


After spending 18 days under the new "masks everywhere" regulations, countless hours on trains, and insufferable pain in the ears (when of course they're not snapping off like a wardrobe malfunction), I've decided to buy some decent masks.

Considering that they're not going anywhere anytime soon, figure might as well torment myself more than necessary.

I got two sets in total 14 (˜2 per day for 7 days) of at least ones that follow the AFNOR guidance, and at a price that now make them quite literally the best clothes I own.

The first set from Le Slip Français, because Google told me to and I have no will power to battle BigData today.

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The second set from Eminence, since they're recommended on a Made in France website (shop local and all that) plus the style looks alright in comparison to some of the other ones available on the market.

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This is about the most intensive shopping I've done in a long time, my style is quite literally summed up as first thing seen in Primark.  But here we are, 2020 making us do shit we never did before.


A Billion Stairs Climbed

Since I don't have an automatic way to crosspost from my Logarion Archive, I present to you this copy and paste job from lj.gl/a-billion-stairs-climbed.html

I've spent this weekend down in the south of France knocking around the area just south of Toulouse, visiting a friend in Pamiers.

Yesterday we went out to Foix, which is a considerably larger small town in the area :D

I might consider updating this post with some descriptions, but because I'm lazy, here are some photos (full album here):

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I’ve been rather bad at getting on things, my server Geomyidae was at the end of it’s life span and it was time to get the VM shutdown.

To be fair, I hadn’t done many updates to gopher.is for some time at this point and the content was getting old. The other problem with this is that it’s not on the same machine as I run my main blog or any of the other sites where I have a copy of Logarion installed.

En brief, moving content is time consuming nonsense that makes me less likely to actually do a thing, then I neglect that thing. This is why I’ve made a bigger effort to integrate things, like the BBS with CommunityWare.ca, local and external NNTP servers on Leafnode, etc.

Then I was struck by lightening, I watched a video about the Gemini Protocol, I tried a few servers to get up and running, didn’t really feel them much or just didn’t get them working.

Until that is GeGoBi got on my radar, you see it uses the existing structure and content from Gophernicus, which when you’re on the market for a new gopher server is just the right thing.

So I got this bad boy running and oh boy does it work, I like the feel a bit better of Gophernicus and as I dip my fingers more in to Gemini, I actually quite like it. In fact, I seem to like it so much that I went and found gopher.is a friend at gemini.is.

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