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Bloggeur Hipster depuis 2000.

Happy Jappie Chappie

Moving to a Cooperative World

I've been rethinking what I'm doing online and how I'm doing it, this has
been going on for a while for other reasons : => /redacted/gjb2df.gmi Entry
"Changes to the System" Recently I've started using a CDN service based in
Slovenia, the price isn't too bad for what I'm doing so it means I can
focus less on perfectly planting a host that for the most part is
accessible from most places (mainly being America). The CDN costs a few
cents a month to give a bit of a boost to the delivery speed and managing
some of the bot problems. Following this up that I've been looking for a
better place to keep my data, and I've started to come across a rather
large network of cooperative hosts. I'm a member of Nubo(1) (based in
Belgium) who I'm looking at potentially to move my email (still not exactly
sure) to and more close to home a web host called Ouvaton(2) (based in
France). I had a bit of fun setting up the multiple hosts, but in general
I'm spending far too much money on hosting that I don't really need and
use. Not only that considering the nightmare of climate hell we're in, I
don't even want to know about the CO2 all this is adding. The benefits to
me here are that I can drop a lot of financial obligation for a website
that is basically static and that I can be more involved in the
organisation where I keep my data. Over the weekend, I've moved all the
files over to Ouvaton and repointed the CDN. There are still a few parts
that are on the other hosts which I need to start spinning down /
repointing back to Ouvaton. As for email, I'm still working that out, for
the most part between how much I'm using Simplelogin my mailbox is
encrypted. The only thing I'm testing is filtering and deliverability from
simplelogin to the new host. I may even just keep it with mailbox.org and
Proton. => https://nubo.coop/fr/ (1) Nubo => https://ouvaton.coop/ (2)


Let's celebrate! My blog is 22 years old


Forever Distracted

I find myself constantly looking at blogging options and what crazy things are out there to make life easy. So glossy, so flash, it is easy to get sucked into the hype. I used to use LiveJournal a lot in the early 00s before the New Internet where we had to be concerned who had the data. I then moved to a WP site hosted in Sweden in the late 10s, and finally, we find ourselves here, on a server running in my own house. Granted if you've read anything on how the backend of this site works, it's technically held in a data centre of DreamHost, but that's for recoverability. I could in the next 24 hours unmount the cloud drives and churn the static files on to the web server directly. I have been tempted to go back to WordPress again, or something else, then I remember what lead me to this need to self host and own my data and it was desperately trying to get my data out of LiveJournal and having tonnes of API issues, the export tool being particularly bad / complicated to pull 21 years worth of posts. At least with this method I currently have, the backend files are Gemini format (a less bloated version of Markdown), and with the blog text files. The content is pretty portable if I choose to move the data somewhere, and I only need two programmes to regenerate it back to the HTML content you're looking at (unless of course you're using the gemini server, then basically there is nothing to do). One blog option I saw was to use a DropBox drive with Markdown, from a purely face front it is tempting to be able to drag and drop files. However, if I got my ass in gear, I could do that already, if I were to mount my NAS drive to the webserver, cron the site generators, and drop the files locally. Granted that takes work, but when I originally got OH.MG together it wasn't just about the content you see, a lot of OH.MG is for me to learn and try new things. As a reader you don't see a lot of the work I've done on OH.MG and the backend games I'm playing. Not just with HTTP/S content, but also with the Gopher, Gemini, BBS, FTP, and email servers. That's the fun part. Drag and drop to cloud providers and have some other external service parse that, meh, fun for a couple minutes at best.


Almost back to reality

My time off from work is almost over and I have done literally none of what I planned to do. Kaja is still on her treatment, tonight beingthe hardest part as she's decided that she's over it completely. I've had a nightmare getting half of one pill down her tonight and I'm giving up on that, it's the best we can do. The last few days she's been a bit fighty with it but eventually took one tablet, granted it has been one in every two that I've got out of the pack. But tonight, I've gone through four tablets with 0,5 actually making it inside the cat. She's being a complete dick about it too, I can't mix it with food as she refuses to eat the food, so I have to use the hard way, stick it in to her throat and try and get her to swallow. With her new found problem he spent the money on vets bills that I was going to do by getting furnature at Ikea, I can't be angry with her about it though, she's been otherwise healthy until now. For some reason I woke up this afternoon about 15h, which is odd as every other day I've been up around 9h or 10h. I need to re-adjust to the real world tomorrow morning otherwise Monday is going to be hard.


Trying to make changes to OH.MG

It's been over a year since I put together OH.MG and so far it has been quite a mash of things. Since then there have been a couple splits off of it, free.mg and oh.mr. I'm trying to rethink the way I have content here on OH.MG, where the slide over to the other sites, how to kind of centre it on the publishing machine so there aren't too many templates knocking around, and making it more consistent. I have too many ideas, a lot of half finished projects, and just a jumble around all of it. I am not a total success here with a personal site :D I've got sometime off work so plenty of time to sit down and figure this out, at least its technically easy since I run the sites off of networked mounted drives, so swapping out a mount is the easy part. On the side of redacted.id I've managed to put a commenting discussion group on, so far, I've not seen any decent emails (in fact they're all just spam from email crawlers). I might update this to require subscription first, but that isn't as easy to rethink. I could even use NNTP since I do have an NNTP server, but that's a real bad idea to expose to the internet without authentication.


leave.eu dot lol

In the latest installment of "Brexit is totally working" it seems that leave.eu has lost it's domain. https://ift.tt/3pXMJeN To quote the article : One case that caught the headlines last year was the domain Leave.eu — registered to the organization of the same name, which had been spearheaded by former Brexiteer MEP Nigel Farage and bankrolled by erstwhile UKIP funder Arron Banks. Ahead of the Brexit withdrawal date, the organization migrated its registrant address to a location in Waterford, Ireland, in an attempt to prove eligibility for a .eu domain. However, following an investigation by EURid, the domain was issued with a "withdrawn" status, because the domain holder failed to respond to data verification requests, EURid said on Monday. As of Monday, the Leave.eu domain name will become available for re-registration by an EU citizen or resident.


Happy New 2020 Variant

|_| . |) |) \./ | | /-\ | | | ' '' '' ' ' . . _ | | |\| |- \/\/ ' ' ~ \./ _ . |) | |- /-\ |\ ' ~' '' ' ldb


My 2021 in LJ

My blog statistics for 2021

I need to work harder next year then
I need to work harder next year then

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Day 1

19:17 Paris - 5.0˚C Brume

Pick a color, any color. Write about that color as if it were a person. What are its good personality traits? Bad? What’s its name?

Ok so I’m trying this app and it’s 30 day writing challenge to really get in there and remind myself to spend time documenting basically what’s going on and this question is pure crap :D Anyways, imma just freestyle because that’s how I do. Today I have done basically nothing in the slightest and I’m pretty happy about that, it’s been the first weekend in a while that I haven’t been running through an airport or been off somewhere else doing something else. I’m going to pause right here since I’ve got to go do the laundry.

20:08 Laundry got set on to go then I went to hit up the supermarket. But by supermarket, I mean the delivery from said supermarket to home because I’m being an adult now (and I ain’t dragging all this crap from the far ends of Paris to home myself). Rather amusingly I got told it’s not possible to order more than 50L of liquids, a rather bold move considering they’re charging me 10€ for them to deliver it.

20:50 Of course it starts raining when I put the laundry outside.

22:28 Last entry for the day. Peace out.


I have been doing many things

I've been working a bit on the journal here that's being managed by Logarion (logarion.orbitalfox.eu) which has recently had a couple upgrades that are making things rather nice - https://ift.tt/3p8GxzU There have also been some behind the scenes things running, one of theme is an IFTTT applet reposting the content to Dreamwidth / LiveJournal by email. Granted I don't really indulge myself on these platforms as much as I used to, but in particular LiveJournal has been pretty consistently used during my time. Even my old WP sites used to post to it. I guess it's very much of a "I've been doing this since 2000 there and it's nice to have all my ramblings there as well, even today" sort of feels. Plus it's rather handy to have a site I can pull off things if I need to in the future (see https://ift.tt/3EbKUhO) I've still got some extra things to settle in and I'll probably write about them, as I've been reading some of my old posts and realised that I used to make an effort to post what I've done with myself even if it was a one line stupid thing, where as now I feel like it's got to be some full on thing or some throw away crap for social media.